Your personal booking bot

Cubspot CubCierge™ is the ultimate booking bot for busy and working parents. It is the world's first and only concierge service that automagically books all your kids' camps, classes, and sports for you.

That's right. Bookings are no longer required.
Just leave it all to your Cubspot CubCierge™.


There's no other like it (pinky promise)

Cubspot CubCierge™ is the very first concierge service of its kind, helping busy parents book camps, classes and lessons for their (K-12) kids.

CubCierge™ was developed with the parent experience put first. It's run on powerful technology and backed by our team of experts.

Be booking-free (yeah, that's now a thing)

Start a search

Browse thousands of programs on Cubspot and find the ones you'd like your CubCierge™ to book.


One-click booking

Once you've found the perfect program(s), click 'Book' to alert your CubCierge™ of the program you're wanting. 


You're set!

Within seconds, you'll be prompted with a few quick questions. Then voila, you're done. No crazy forms or waivers to worry about. Your CubCierge™  takes care of it all.